Monday, 27 May 2013

Introducing Marvin Harding

We've got another fabulous artist to introduce today. Marvin Harding is helping us explain the ups and downs of the North Sea. It's a fish eat fish world out there. Marvin is working with writer Georgia Litherland, their work is based on the science of Johanna Forster

Who are you? 
Marvin Harding
•Studied graphic design at Kedleston Road Derby College of Art
•Got first job in advertising back in 1970
•Currently proprietor of Harding Design. Business is almost in its 20th year.

What have you done / what are you doing?
Always been interested in cartoon work.
Have produced educational comics for over 5 years now with publishers inHeritage. Comics provide not only a window to the past and future but enables the kids of all ages and competence to participate with the adventures and learn something in the process.

What excites you about comics?
Comics are a superb way of presenting difficult subjects to children 8 to 11 years. I always get a kick out of the kid's responses to our comic work.

What excites you about science?
Science has always excited me since my fascination with subjects dealt by The Eagle, Look and Learn and Knowledge, all ground breaking publications from the early '50s and '60s. At that time 'outer space; was such

a major topic, not only in scientific journals of the time but comics too.


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