Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Preview

We ordered our second proof last weekend. It should arrive some time today. Here's a quick glimpse of the comics that are mostly finished, certainly not all of our comics. There's more surprises yet to come.

The deadline for our schools pack is upon us. If you're a teacher or a parent/kid who can bother a teacher then do! You've only got a few more days to invent something amazing and send it to us, the best inventions will be included in the comic AND be on the wall during our exhibition! Wow! Where can you get your hands on the worksheets for this competition? Right here dear reader, right here: British Science Festival School Packs: Science FACT-ion.

We've had some wonderful entries so far and can't wait to see even more amazing, astounding, life changing inventions from the scientists of tomorrow.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Introducing Georgia Litherland

Georgia Litherland is the writer behind Marine Mob Meltdown, a comic about fishy goings on in the North Sea. Georgia is one third of the team, working with artist Marvin Harding and scientist Johanna Forster.

I'm Georgia. I get a kick out of communicating specialist information in accessible ways.
If it’s funny, so much the better.

I love the way comics fire on all cylinders. They get all your senses involved. I love how you can read, write, draw, create a comic in so many different ways and when it works, it's just great. Comics can surprise us and get us involved in stuff we thought we weren't so interested in. (Thanks to Hunt Emerson for making Dante and John Ruskin accessible!)

The first time I saw a detailed drawing of a cell and understood a bit about how they work was one of my biggest ever WOW moments. Before that I'd missed a lot of science classes, and hated a fair few more. After that, and all credit due to a great teacher, I was hooked. I love finding things out - especially about how life and living things work and our amazing human bodies and brains.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Introducing Anton Brand

My name is Anton Brand
I studied fine art in college but have spent most of my working career in the print and design industry. I now work as a freelance illustrator specialising in cartoons and comics.

I have loved comics since very young, starting with Asterix and Tintin and later moving to superhero comics. My taste in comics in recent years  has returned to European graphic novels.

I have always loved science, I especially like watching science documentaries on TV or have them playing on YouTube while I'm working.

My website is
Twitter account
Facebook page:

Anton has created a comic for us called "When Wee Goes Bad...". It's a scary topic but important. His comic is based on the science of Angela Revell.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Introducing Martin Kirby

Who are you?
My name is Martin Kirby and I'm a freelance artist and cartoonist living in Newcastle.

What have you done / what are you doing?
Currently I have mostly done freelance work spanning a pretty large range, from personal commissions to portraits to small book runs and company advertisements. Currently, however, I'm working on my long term goal of producing my own graphic novel, Freelancers, due out this summer! Check out for more information and to see the comic!

What excites you about comics?
I think that the accessibility of comics is what excites me most. Practically everyone, at some point in their life, has read or drawn comics. Even if they were just small ones when you were a kid, it's a medium that we've all cherished at one point in our life or another and I think that makes them inherently appealing to a huge audience. And comics are really hitting a boom at the moment, both with works from recognised publishers and creator owned comics alike. Nothing excites me more than seeing so many amazing stories and styles coming out from across the world on literally a daily basis!

What excites you about science?
The thing I've always loved about science is that is makes the mundane seem incredible. I remember going through physics lessons and finding out exactly how much is involved in simply throwing a ball, or making a loud noise, that it blew my small, impressionable mind at the time! It still fascinates me when I hear new bits of news about scientists figuring out a little bit more about how the universe works. Its exciting stuff!

Also, robots are neat and science helps make them happen.

Twitter: @KirbishArt

Friday, 7 June 2013

Introducing Owen D. Pomery

Owen D. Pomery has made us a comic entitled Moon Beach, it's rather fine. Fine in the amazingly good looking sense of the word, rather than the okay sense. You can catch a peek of it on Paul Thompson's Vine of our printed proof. Oh yes, we got our proof in the post today. It looks mint. The guys and girls at Newspaper Club do not disappoint. 

Who are you?
I am an illustrator working in the three main areas of architecture, editorial and comics.

What have you done / what are you doing?
My educational and professional background is in architecture. In recent years I have become an illustrator working on a whole range of projects and featured in books, magazines and on websites. I create the graphic miniseries Between the Billboards as well as contributing to several comics anthologies. My next project is The Megatherium Club published by Avery Hill, is about a real life group of eccentric 19th century scientists and due out in July 2013.

What excites you about comics?
Despite being around in some form for many years, it still feels like it is an emerging culture and as such, there are new an exciting ways of telling a story being produced all the time. It's the freedom, diversity and lack of 'rules' that I really enjoy and I love the fact there is no medium quite like it. 

What excites you about science?
It's a cliche, but it is literally everywhere and everyone can engage with whatever part of it that interests them at whatever level. I get excited by seeing simple, mechanical science in action, basic stuff like The Falkirk Wheel still blows my mind.