Thursday, 13 June 2013

Introducing Georgia Litherland

Georgia Litherland is the writer behind Marine Mob Meltdown, a comic about fishy goings on in the North Sea. Georgia is one third of the team, working with artist Marvin Harding and scientist Johanna Forster.

I'm Georgia. I get a kick out of communicating specialist information in accessible ways.
If it’s funny, so much the better.

I love the way comics fire on all cylinders. They get all your senses involved. I love how you can read, write, draw, create a comic in so many different ways and when it works, it's just great. Comics can surprise us and get us involved in stuff we thought we weren't so interested in. (Thanks to Hunt Emerson for making Dante and John Ruskin accessible!)

The first time I saw a detailed drawing of a cell and understood a bit about how they work was one of my biggest ever WOW moments. Before that I'd missed a lot of science classes, and hated a fair few more. After that, and all credit due to a great teacher, I was hooked. I love finding things out - especially about how life and living things work and our amazing human bodies and brains.

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