Monday, 10 June 2013

Introducing Martin Kirby

Who are you?
My name is Martin Kirby and I'm a freelance artist and cartoonist living in Newcastle.

What have you done / what are you doing?
Currently I have mostly done freelance work spanning a pretty large range, from personal commissions to portraits to small book runs and company advertisements. Currently, however, I'm working on my long term goal of producing my own graphic novel, Freelancers, due out this summer! Check out for more information and to see the comic!

What excites you about comics?
I think that the accessibility of comics is what excites me most. Practically everyone, at some point in their life, has read or drawn comics. Even if they were just small ones when you were a kid, it's a medium that we've all cherished at one point in our life or another and I think that makes them inherently appealing to a huge audience. And comics are really hitting a boom at the moment, both with works from recognised publishers and creator owned comics alike. Nothing excites me more than seeing so many amazing stories and styles coming out from across the world on literally a daily basis!

What excites you about science?
The thing I've always loved about science is that is makes the mundane seem incredible. I remember going through physics lessons and finding out exactly how much is involved in simply throwing a ball, or making a loud noise, that it blew my small, impressionable mind at the time! It still fascinates me when I hear new bits of news about scientists figuring out a little bit more about how the universe works. Its exciting stuff!

Also, robots are neat and science helps make them happen.

Twitter: @KirbishArt

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