Friday, 7 June 2013

Introducing Owen D. Pomery

Owen D. Pomery has made us a comic entitled Moon Beach, it's rather fine. Fine in the amazingly good looking sense of the word, rather than the okay sense. You can catch a peek of it on Paul Thompson's Vine of our printed proof. Oh yes, we got our proof in the post today. It looks mint. The guys and girls at Newspaper Club do not disappoint. 

Who are you?
I am an illustrator working in the three main areas of architecture, editorial and comics.

What have you done / what are you doing?
My educational and professional background is in architecture. In recent years I have become an illustrator working on a whole range of projects and featured in books, magazines and on websites. I create the graphic miniseries Between the Billboards as well as contributing to several comics anthologies. My next project is The Megatherium Club published by Avery Hill, is about a real life group of eccentric 19th century scientists and due out in July 2013.

What excites you about comics?
Despite being around in some form for many years, it still feels like it is an emerging culture and as such, there are new an exciting ways of telling a story being produced all the time. It's the freedom, diversity and lack of 'rules' that I really enjoy and I love the fact there is no medium quite like it. 

What excites you about science?
It's a cliche, but it is literally everywhere and everyone can engage with whatever part of it that interests them at whatever level. I get excited by seeing simple, mechanical science in action, basic stuff like The Falkirk Wheel still blows my mind.


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