Sunday, 21 July 2013

Introducing Jenny Rigby

Newcastle Science Comic has a brilliant mixture of professional comic artists, self published artists and those who are being published for the first time. It's been great discovering (and sometimes rediscovering) talent, creativity and all the different ways of working comics folks have. Jenny Rigby is one of our youngest artists and a student at Newcastle University. She worked with scientist Michael Jeffries on a comic all about ponds and the life found within them.

What have you done / what are you doing?
I'm heading into my third year, studying Biology at Newcastle University.

I've done a fair bit of travelling related to Biology but I've never really had the chance to do anything past GCSE art when it came to drawing. I know I'm still a novice and I've got plenty to learn, but I enjoy drawing as a hobby and I've just begun to explore Digital Art, so things are on the way up! I've just started putting things onto my Deviantart and I'm going to be an artist for Sunnycon, an anime convention held in Sunderland.

What excites you about comics?
What excites me about comics? What doesn't excite me about comics! I love them, especially manga, Japanese comics. If it weren't for my student budget, I would have a library of them!!!

What excites you about science?
And as for science, for someone doing a science degree, I should hope I still like it this close to the end! I've always admired David Attenborough, since I was old enough to watch and understand documentaries. My ultimate goal is to be like him, a long shot, but you have to dream big! In the short term, however, I've designed my own dissertation and I'll be creating science revision comics for A level students to review and revise from!

Contact/Links - My Deviantart account, it shall soon be filled with all sorts!

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