Thursday, 8 August 2013

Introducing Liz Todd

We've covered biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and more, not to mention loads of science that is so awesome we just can't categorise it. It was fascinating learning about how human beings communicate - with scientist Liz Todd and artist John G. Swogger with their comic Watching you... Watching me...

Who are you?
My science is educational psychology. I am Professor of Educational Inclusion at Newcastle University and in the past I have worked as a maths teacher, educational psychologist, therapist and on a market stall.

What have you done/ what are you doing?
I use video and narrative to bring change in relationships, whether this is in families, schools or between those working in children services. I also try to get schools to open their doors to their communities and to have a range of professionals offering services from within schools. I am passionate about getting young people involved in research.

I have written 3 books that represent my research over the last 20 years. Their titles are:
Beyond the School Gates: Can full-service and extended schools overcome disadvantage? (with Alan Dyson and Colleen Cummings); Video Interaction Guidance (with Hilary Kennedy and Miriam Landor); and Partnerships for inclusive education: A critical approach to collaborative working (I wrote this by myself). Two of these books have been given prizes.

What excites you about comics?
They get over tough ideas in a fun and interesting way so everyone can talk more about science

What excites you about science?
It's the asking of questions that I like about science. I like having ways to explore what we can know about the world. For me this is the world of people interacting with each other within complex contexts.

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