Friday, 2 August 2013

Introducing Terry Wiley

As I declared earlier, everything is connected. Terry Wiley is connected with scientist David Alderson by the comic Everything's Connected. Figuring out complex networks and how they connect isn't just serious stuff, it's fun too. Terry was also kind enough to be one of our earliest contributors by helping put together our school activities pack, Science FACT-ion.

Who are you? 
Terry Wiley

What have you done / what are you doing?
I drew the massive 480-page black & white 'Sleaze Castle' collection (which is not at all sleazy),
and now I'm doing a 160-page colour story 'VerityFair' (warning - cotains bums and swears).

What excites you about comics?
Comics are the ultimate combination of Show and Tell - OK, maybe film is good at that too, but comics
only need 1 millionth the budget of a film!

What excites you about science?
Science is is what's left when you get rid of all the flim-flam, hearsay, self-deception, lies, exaggerations,
hard-sell, gibberish and hoo-hah we ape folks chuck at each other every day.


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