Science FACT-ion Invention Challenge: Winners

School students from all over Newcastle entered our Science FACT-ion challenge, to create a labour-saving invention that will be in every home by 2050. With the future of science in their hands they set to work, the entries did not disappoint. Every invention was amazing, it made the task of judging and choosing winners incredibly hard. What a grand generation of inventors they'll be.

Transportation Design Winner: Thomas James, age 9, Newcastle Prep School
Inventor of Wiz-a-Chair 3000, the perfect transport solution for elderly and disabled people.  It can travel on land, air and water.  Heated seats come as standard.

Transportation Design Winner: Niall Slee, age 10, Newcastle Prep School
Inventor of Ultrapack, the solar-powered jetpack.  Comes complete with oxygen tanks and a space helmet. The most powerful jetpack ever!

Domestic Design Winner: Demi Raisbeck, age 12, Longbenton Community College
Inventor of The Paintinator, the latest innovation in home decorating.  Fill the tank with paint, then The Paintinator moves up and down the walls for a perfectly smooth finish.

Domestic Design Winner: Matthew Pike, age 9, Newcastle Prep School
Inventor of Trash Bin 5000, your easy recycling solution.  Trash Bin 5000 senses when you have rubbish, then sorts your waste and takes recyclable materials to the recycling centre.

Conceptual Design Winner: Alex Sample, age 13, Longbenton Community College
Inventor of Power Glove, the handy life device.  Run out of storage space? Why not try interdimensional storage!  Missed a train? Bend the fabric of time! Bonus features include holographic communications and control over matter.

Conceptual Design Winner: Lauryn W, age 13, Longbenton Community College
Inventor of Locationator.  Simply type in the name of something you have lost and have it immediately return to Locationator's item retrieval pad.  Amazing!

Science FACT-ion Invention Challenge: Highly Commended

Inventions we just had to mention.

Highly Commended: Andrew Dalton, age 9, Newcastle Prep School.
Inventor of The Motorised Pencil.  High-specification cables connect The Motorised Pencil to your computer keyboard and monitor.  Simply type what you want to draw, and The Motorised Pencil will draw it for you.  The precision-engineered wheels mean no design is too complex!

Highly Commended: Lauren Thompson, age 9, Newcastle Prep School.  
Inventor of Smart Storage. This is no ordinary storage solution.  Smart Storage tells you what’s inside and retrieves it for you.  It works as a fridge, freezer, cupboard, wardrobe and toy box all in one!

Highly Commended: Mariella Klein, age 9, Newcastle Prep School.  
Inventor of Nanny Mk 70000.  Nanny Mk 70000 does it all!  Entertainment applications include a games console, board games, guitar and computer. Housekeeping applications include a toolbox, washing machine and microwave. For a limited time only, Nanny Mk 70000 comes with bonus features of a shower, dog walking functions and sports bag.

Highly Commended: Mollie Tiffin, age 12, Longbenton Community College.  
Inventor of The Past Control.  Do you long for your past life?  Or do you wish you could speed ahead into the future?  With The Past Control you can pause, forward and rewind time, giving you complete control over how you live (and relive) your life.

Highly Commended: Amy Barlow, age 13, Longbenton Community College.  
Inventor of Dryer 4 mins. Sensors are activated as soon as you step out of the shower.  Dryer 4 mins has five temperature-controlled fans that give you a comfortable alternative to towels.  Ideal for today’s busy lifestyle.

Highly Commended: Caitlin Conner, age 13, Longbenton Community College.  
Inventor of Shoes that Flump!  Tired of walks that take too long?  Shoes that Flump use springs and flames so you can both fly and jump.  The fast and easy way to get around, especially when you’re late! 

Are you a budding inventor? Click here to download our Science FACT-ion challenge pack and have a go for yourself.

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